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Comfy Couch-D4 For Dialysis, Transfusion and Oncology.

Modern approach to healthcare demands special functional solutions for comfortable therapy of patients or donors who prefer to be treated in a position of their choice and to suit the clinical requirements of the procedure. This becomes all the more important when the patient or donor needs to be on the couch for more time. Users can choose among the different  combinations provided by QualiMed suited for their procedure and price.

Benefits have been recoded in various studies of the need to eliminate the typical sickroom feeling to the patient undergoing the therapy, which facilitates faster recovery. This is possible to a large extent by replacing the typical hospital bed, which allows very little mobility during the procedure with an attractively designed couch, which provides various degrees of freedom to the patient or donor and the clinical staff.

Rehabilitating chronic dialysis patients are more tolerable to their repetitive and monotonous treatment if they are offered avenues for communication and other activities like carrying on a conversation, playing games, reading, writing etc. Being on a horizontal bed brings in a pessimistic attitude due to the typical sick room fixture and places limitations on the activities of the patient or donor.

The comfy couch D4 is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety to the patient, but also allows nurses and physicians to react in critical situations. The powerful motor system allows the shifting to shock position quickly and initiation of immediate emergency measures.

Other benefits
Comfy Couch occupies 30 percent less space than a conventional hospital bed and hence can accommodate more number of couches in a given space.

The arm rest can be optimally set at the desired height and also can be moved to the side. This allows vascular access at a relaxed posture.

Fewer episodes of hypotension and muscle cramps due to the flexible positions which may be adapted by the patient or donor.

The height adjustment is done vertically with the help of reliable heavy duty lifting columns, thereby not causing any change in the profile of the donor.

Provided with extra thick upholstery for greater comfort during the lengthy periods of time that the treatment requires.

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Logically placed buttons on easy to operate remote allows quick adjustments based on individual preferences. Single button actuation for quick shift to shock position

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Large 10cms soft typed wheels allow easy movement in the desired direction and facilitates easy cleaning without having to shift the equipment. All four castor wheels are lockable for additional stability.

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Accessories Trays

For Transfusion

General purpose

Sphygmomanometer tray
Trays for accessories
Blood Collection Monitor Tray

Two accessories trays
Magazine Rack & IV Pole

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 Technical Data

Height 620  ̴  820 mm
Seat Width 680 mm
Profile Length 2010 mm
Back Rest Adjustment 0o  ̴  54o
Leg Rest Adjustment 0o  ̴  60o
Trendelenburg position  - 15o
Castor Wheels Four 100mm lockable wheels
Voltage 230V 100%
Two accessories trays.
Magazine Rack & IV Pole.
Sphygmomanometer tray
Trays for accessories
Blood Collection Monitor Tray

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