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Comfy Chair-C2F For Safety and Comfort during sample collection

Modern day Health care providers would like to ensure comfort and safety to their patients in all stages of diagnostics and treatment. The Comfy Chair allows the patient to be seated comfortably during sample collection for diagnostic purposes and also positions the arm of the patient for optimal venipuncture to the user friendliness of the technician.


Seat Height 520 mm
Width 550 mm
Back Rest Length 820 mm
Seat Length 545 mm
Leg Rest Length 500 mm
Profile Length 2000 mm
Upholstery Thickness 2 Inches
Arm Rest Dimension 450 X 150 mm
Arm Rest Adjustment Height Adjustment, Lift up for easy entry of patient, angle adjustment for optimal venipuncture and may be set at an angle from the couch.
Head Rest Thickness 4 Inches

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