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Comfy Bed

An elegant design focusing on Comfort, Convenience and Safety. The Comfy Bed's range  of adjustments are truly extensive. Optimal and variable treatment positions are of primary importance for the patient well-being and comfort. Studies have shown that a versatile use of bed adjustments considerably reduces pressure on the skin and fosters faster rehabilitation in the patients.

Faster recovery ahs been noticed in patients who are provided with various degree of freedom in positioning themselves in accordance with the activities they intend to undertake without depending on the care providers. The long-term bed care patients are more tolerable to their often monotonous treatment if they are offered avenues for communication and other activities like carrying on a conversation, playing games, reading, writing, watching TV etc. Being on a horizontal bed or having to depend on care providers for positioning themselves brings in a pessimistic attitude and places limitations on the activities of the patient. The Comfy Bed's ease of use in varying the positions by the touch of a button makes supporting treatment positions easy, while preventing RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) to the care provider.

Fowler Bed
The back rest and the leg portion may be adjusted separately with the help of two electric motors.

The Fowler Position
The Fowler position with knee angle adjustment distributes pressure evenly on the skin and relieves in the lower part of the body

The Psoas position
The Psoas Position relaxes the back and relieves swelling in the lower part of the body.

Semi Fowler Bed
Single motor bed which adjusts only the back rest.

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The Comfy Bed 4-Section mattress base can be adjusted into a wide variety of different positions used in nursing. Soft and silent adjustments are made with high-quality electric motors.

Easy to clean: Keeping the Comfy Bed clean has been made as easy as possible. The open structure and dirt repellent surface materials promote good hospital hygiene.
Large Castors with special bearings promote ease maneuverability and roll softly on different floor surfaces without making unnecessary noise.
The supporting sections for the mattress is made of wire mesh which ensures proper air circulation between bed and mattress.
User friendly : Adjustments are activated from a hand-held wired remote

Optional Features

" 4" castor wheels for easy manuerability.
" Side rails for patient safety

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Length 1950 mm
Width 900 mm
Back Rest Length 800 mm
Leg Rest Length 570 mm
Height 500 mm
Back Rest adjustment 0 - 60o
Leg Rest adjustment 0 - 30o
* Specifications are likely to change due to continuous improvements

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